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Kenwood Tk 8302 Pdf Free


Kenwood Tk 8302 Pdf Free -




















































Kenwood Tk 8302 Pdf Free, story of prahlad pdf free


Description parts nation parts nation R534 RK73HB1J391J CHIP R 1/16W R737 RK73HB1J273J CHIP R 1/16W R537 RK73HB1J104J CHIP R. Name Function LEDI LED data output Scrambler Name LECE LED enable output FNC1 None LECL LED clock output FNC2 None LELH LED latch output FNC3 LERE LED reset output FNC4 Scrambler Ground. No. Page 34: Terminal Function TK-8302/8302H TERMINAL FUNCTION Display unit (X54-3670-20) TX-RX unit (X57-7680-XX) Pin No. Upload manual upload from disk upload from url Thank you for your help! .


Page 44 TK-8302/8302H SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM TX-RX UNIT (X57-7680-XX) R354 R357 *IC301 R355 R358 POWER COUPPLER MODULE D302 C373 C381 C365 FORWARD POWER 1.5p L407CDB 1000p L311 D303 L314 L315 C366 1.5T 1.5T 1.5T 1000p L407CDB D302-305 REVERSE POWER R323 SWITCH T : 0.81V T : 8.87V. 4 = Voltage rating 100 = 10pF 2 = Shape . No. Address POWER CH UP VOL UP VOL DOWN CH DOWN HOOK Component side Layer 1. Page 41 TK-8302/8302H PC BOARD TX-RX UNIT (X57-7680-XX) -15: TK-8302H K2 -23: TK-8302 M2 Foil side view (J79-0247-09) Ref. Wide/Narrow Switching Circuit The electric fi eld strength of the receive signal can be known before the SQIN voltage is input to the MCU, and The Wide port (pin 99) and Narrow port (pin 98) of the the scan stop speed is improved. The preview is worse quality than the original pdf.


Ad dress Parts No. No. No. Address C886 Q724. No.


Ad dress Parts No. Address Component side Layer 1. Sponsored link Similar manuals: KENWOOD TK-285N KENWOOD TK-290,390 KENWOOD TK-3101 VER.T E E2 SM KENWOOD TK-3107 M2VERSION SM KENWOOD TK-3107 VERSION M6 SM . Description Ref. Page 20 TK-8302/8302H PARTS LIST TX-RX UNIT (X57-7680-XX) Desti- Desti- Ref. No. Page 45 TK-8302/8302H SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM TX-RX UNIT (X57-7680-XX) 3.3M AMPSW 3.29V C809 0.1u C810 RLED 1000p GLED BLED BLED CP705 1k KMO1 KMO1 VCC2=3.3V KMO2 KMO2 SPMUTE SP MUTE R895 1k CSN1 CSN1 KMO3 KMO3 SCLK SCLK1 R894 1k KMI1 RDATA1 RDATA. Page 57 IC301 S-AU83AL (TK-8302) RA60H40471101 (TK-8302H) D313,D314 HSB88AS-E (TK-8302) MA3J742 (TK-8302H) Q6,Q9 Q1,Q7 M C U FNC1 Q2,Q8 FNC6 FNC2 FNC3 FNC4 FNC5 FNC5 FNC2 FNC8 FNC1 DATAI TXAFI RXAFI FNC6 FNC7 FNC3 TXAFO DETO ALTI RXAFO FNC4. Ad dress Parts No.


Login Login to ManualsLib Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password . 2-Frames 5-Tone, 3-Frames 5-Tone plus up to 8-Tone formats Busy Channel Lock-out Yes Character Display (Numeric) 2 Characters Compact Design Yes Companded Audio Yes DB-15 Accessory Connector Yes; can also be programmed as 8 individual Accessory Ports DTMF PTT ID Yes Ease of Operating Use Yes Embedded Message Yes Emergency Call Function Yes Emergency Key Yes Enhanced Kenwood Audio Yes FleetSync Yes Front-mounted Loudspeaker Yes GPS Compatible Yes Horn Alert/PA Function Yes Independent Setting per Channel Compander, Wide/Mid/Narrow & Scrambler Kenwood ESN (Electronic Serial Number) Yes Key Lock Yes Lone Worker Function Yes MDC-1200 Yes Minimum-Volume Setting Yes Monitor Button Yes Multiple Scanning Function Yes Operator Selectable Tone Yes Programmable Function Keys 9 Programmable Function Keys PTT ID Yes QT (CTCSS) / DQT (digital) Yes Remote Stun and Revive Yes SelCall Function Yes Selectable Microphone Sensitivity Yes Switchable Display Backlighting Yes Talk Around Yes "Talk Back" Scanning Function Yes Time-Out Timer Yes Transceiver Password Yes Voice Annunciation Yes - Radio Status and Mode, in your choice of English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Russian or Chinese. Address Ref. Page 38 TK-8302/8302H PC BOARD TX-RX UNIT (X57-7680-XX) -15: TK-8302H K2 -23: TK-8302 M2 Component side view (J79-0247-09) J701 J700 EXT.SP D-SUB C865 C863 C957 C866 C840 C867 C869 C850 C846 Q720 C835 R839 R836 C853 C817 C851 R835 IC704 C816 R933. Page 19 TK-8302/8302H PARTS LIST TX-RX UNIT (X57-7680-XX) Desti- Desti- Ref. Ad dress Parts No. Ad dress Parts No. Page 55 TK-8302/8302H TK-8302/8302H PC BOARD PC BOARD TX-RX UNIT (X57-7680-XX) -15: TK-8302H K2 -23: TK-8302 M2 TX-RX UNIT (X57-7680-XX) -15: TK-8302H K2 -23: TK-8302 M2 Foil side view (J79-0247-09) Foil side view (J79-0247-09) Ref. 6c2930289c

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